An NSF funded Partnership between the International Technology and Engineering Educators Association, Hofstra and North Carolina State Universitiesy (CNS 1923552, 2318343)

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What is an RPP?

Research-practice partnerships can address persistent challenges by producing new knowledge, building capacity, and informing action.

The Researcher-Practitioner Partnerships in the field of Educational Research usually comprise research institutions and state or local education agencies.   In the case of ExCITE, the research institutions are Hofstra University, International Technology and Engineering Educator Association (ITEEA), with researchers drawn from North Carolina State University and Boston College.  The practitioner elements are the State Department of Education in Maryland and Virginia and in Year II, administrators and teachers from Carroll County Public Schools, MD, and Henrico County Public Schools, VA.

In Year III, it is anticipated that a number of additional school districts in MD and VA will join the project.

The ExCITE partnerships are to carry out initial research and develop a plan for future research on improving the teaching of computer science to underserved and underrepresented populations. Through this joint research, the ExCITE local school district’s capacity for taking part in research and using research results is expected to increase. The ultimate goal of the partnerships supported under this topic is to conduct and promote research during and after the grant that has direct implications for improving programs, processes, practices, assessments, or policies that will result in improved student education outcomes.

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