An NSF funded Partnership between the International Technology and Engineering Educators Association and Hofstra University (NSF 1923552)

The Project


(Exploring Computation Integrated into Technology and Engineering) is a NSF-funded partnership between Hofstra University and ITEEA to develop a Diverse, Equitable  and Inclusive (DEI) professional development program to help prepare the nation’s high school Technology and Engineering teachers to teach a College Board Advanced Placement level one-year Computer Science Principles (AP-CSP) course in a manner that offers opportunities for under-served and under-represented populations.


has enhanced the Beauty and Joy of Computing (BJC) AP-CSP approved curriculum by the addition of computer control and robotic activities based on real-world hands-on problem-solving challenges. The resulting BJC-T&E AP-CSP curriculum aims to increase student engagement and is better suited to the design-based approach used by Technology and Engineering and many other STEM teachers. This course combines STEM and Computer Science to prepare students for careers in the fastest-growing job sector in the US!


is working with the Departments of Education in two states, Maryland and Virginia, and a number of school districts in both states.


a research-practitioner partnership project whereby the Project researchers work collaboratively with the Stare and District researchers and practitioners to ensure that project findings can inform State and District decision making and improvement practice.


a three-year project, which started in October 2019 and concludes in September 2022.

ExCITE mission and goals

Research how our Professional Development program leads to increased teacher CS/CT competence and efficacy in implementing BJC-T&E and how students’ interest in further study of CS/CT is increased through involvement in design-based Computer Science problem-solving activities.

Enhance the current Beauty and Joy of Computing curriculum with the addition of real-world problem-solving design challenges to make the curriculum more relevant to all students (creating a new version of BJC known as BJC-T&E).

Enhance T&E teachers’ understanding of Computer Science and Computational Thinking skills and prepare them to implement BJC-T&E curriculum with their students effectively.

Increase the number of HS students, including students from underrepresented and underserved populations, taking BJC-T&E courses.

Develop an effective Research Practitioner Partnership that can inform our work and the work of others outside of the partnership.

Ensure that the ExCITE RPP framework is fully documented and externally evaluated to allow for replication and national dissemination.

Sustain ExCITE beyond the Project’s life by establishing an ongoing ITEEA-led and financed PD support system.